At Click & Flick our work begins when our creative team sits down with you to explore the concept you want to capture. As our design team gets to know you and understand what you want to achieve, they bring in the details you need to bring your ideas to life, and will develop new and exciting backgrounds, or build customized props to make sure that everything about your images is tailored to you.

Once the concept is finalized, we’ll arrange a time with you for your photo shoot. We have two purpose-built studios, but we can also bring the concept out to you on location, together with any props, costumes or makeup that’s required.

Once we have the raw shots from your photo shoot, our Digital Imaging Team will get to work. Our team of young, innovative art and photography professionals uses state-of-the-art technology and imaging software to build all the detail into your concept, and rigorously checks every stage of the process to maintain the quality of your images.

When your images are ready, you can see your photos for the first time, before you come in and sit down again with your creative team to review the range of images and take the final decisions on which ones you want. They will also guide you through all the presentation, printing and framing options that we have available. Once you’re completely satisfied with your choices, we’ll send everything off for finishing.

The last step is always the most exciting – The magic of seeing your finished images for the first time! Images to cherish. Stylish. Unique. Totally you.